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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Transducers - Position, Tilt, Pressure, Force, Vibration

Accutronics represents the world leading developers and manufacturers of Transducers and Sensing products. The products we offer are typically used in demanding environments where quality, reliability and performance are a premium. Applications include Military, Harsh Industrial, Automotive and Medical.

Contact us for more information on any of the products that might be suited to your requirements and applications.


Displacement Sensors
Humidity Sensors
Liquid Level Sensors
Load Cells
Pressure Sensors
Sensor Assemblies
Tilt Sensors
Vibration Sensors


Jewell Instruments
Jewell Instruments

New Products:

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MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5837-30BA

MEAS Miniature Accelerometer 7502A

MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5611-01BA03

MEAS Accelerometer with Exceptional Linearity Over Wide Dynamic Range

MEAS QLS RC Series Adblue DEF Intank Level and Quality Sensor

Jewell DSI-1000 Series Digital Display

GenesysTM 3U 15kW Programmable Power Supply Series

MEAS Subminiature LVDTs

MEAS EPIH Pressure Sensor

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 121 DC Differential Amplifier


MEAS True Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

MEAS QLS RH Series In-Tank Urea Sensor

Jewell Multi-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

MEAS Industrial Pressure Transducer

GAIA 40W, Ultra Wide input voltage range DC-DC converter

MEAS Temperature Pipe Probe

MEAS High Accuracy, Repeatability in New Digital LBB Gaging Probe System

MEAS Submersible Temperature Transducer

Jewell DSI-2000 Series Digital Slope Indicator Display

MEAS DTC Initium ESP Pressure Scanners

Jewell LSO Series Inclinometer

MEAS Magneto-Resistive Position Sensor

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 3801A Accelerometer

API Two Line, Two Stage Power Filters

MEAS AngleStar Protractor System (APS)

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 4604HT Accelerometer

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 121 DC Differential Amplifier

MEAS Digital Temperature Sensor Chip

MEAS DOG Series - Dual Axis Inclinometer

MEAS Model 58 Accelerometer for Crash & High Impact Testing

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 4332M3 Accelerometer

MEAS U7100 Pressure Transducer

MEAS EPL Surface Mount Pressure Sensor

MEAS Submersible Level Transducers

MEAS Versatile Charge Amplifier Redefined

MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5534C

Jewell A601-2A/2B High-precision Platform Geophysical/Geotechnical Tiltmeter

MEAS U5300 Industrial Pressure Transducer

MEAS Rugged In-Line Charge Converter

MEAS 85BSD Media Isolated Digital Output Pressure Sensor

Meas MS5525DSO Pressure Sensors

MEAS In-Dummy Accelerometer

MEAS Low-Cost Industrial Accelerometers

MEAS U5200 Industrial Pressure Transducer

Digital Humidity Sensor with Digital Temperature Output

Jewell SMAC/SMAP-D Emerald Accelerometer Series

MEAS KPSI 500 and 501Transducers

MEAS MS45xx-series Board Level Pressure Sensor

MEAS Driver Released for HTU21D Digital Humidity Sensor

AngleStar Electronic Clinometer

MEAS Miniature Triaxial IEPE Accelerometer

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 4000A 4001A Accelerometer

MEAS Remote In-Line DC Amplifier

Jewell Emerald Series new low cost, high precision inclinometers

MEAS Wideband Vibration Sensors for Embedded Applications

MEAS Low Cost, Low Power Triaxial Accelerometer

MEAS MS8607-02BA01 PHT Combination Sensor

MEAS MS45x5HRD Digital Pressure Sensor Modules

Jewell DXA-100/200 Series Accelerometer

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model 8711 Accelerometer

MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5805-02BA01

MEAS Vibration Sensor - Model EGCS-D5 Accelerometer

MEAS Pressure Sensor - M7100

MEAS AccuStar-EA Electronic Clinometer

Jewell JMI-100/200 Inclinometer Series

MEAS Robust Boiler Temperature Probe with Integral Connector

MEAS Pressure Sensor - XPM10

MEAS Low Noise, High Resolution Triaxial Accelerometer

MEAS Universal Magnetic Encoder

MEAS 8042-01 Submersible IEPE Accelerometer

MEAS Advances NTC Ceramic Technology

MEAS EGCS-D0 Accelerometer now up to 10,000 g

Jewell DXA/DXI Digital Output Single & Dual Axis Accelerometer & Inclinometer Series

MS5561C Pressure Sensor Completes 24 Mile Skydive

MEAS Rate and Inertial Sensors - 633 Rate Sensor

MEAS XPM4 Miniature Rransducer

MEAS MSP100 Pressure Transducer

MEAS EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Temperature Sensor

MEAS 86BSD Media Isolated Digital Output Pressure Sensor

MEAS Low-Noise Triaxial Accelerometer

MEAS MS4525 and MS4525DO Vacuum Series Pressure Sensors

MEAS High Accuracy Miniature Pressure Transducer

Jewell eDXI-100/200 Inclinometer with Ethernet Connection

MEAS High Resolution Accelerometer

MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5803-05BA

MEAS Triaxial Accelerometer for Motorsports

Jewell JMA Series - Now With Single Power Input

MEAS TSYS02D Digital Temperature Sensor

MEAS Pressure Sensor - MS5637-30BA

New Products:

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Calex Wide Input Range 400 Watt DC DC Converter - FBW Series

Calex 22-100 Linear Power Supply

TDK-Lambda exhibits next-generation medical AC-DC Power Supplies at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013
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