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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power Supplies form the heart of every electrical system. The Power Supplies are primarily used as a means to convert the mains supply voltage to a more suitable voltage that a system can utilise. The secondary use of Power Supplies is to convert the system input voltage into one or several voltages to power the various devices making up the system.

Accutronics offers an extensive range of high performance and high quality Power Supply products from some of the world's most renowned manufacturers. The products are offered to satisfy requirements ranging from lower-cost commercial electronics applications, to very high performance products used in military applications.

Contact us for more information on any of the products that might be suited to your requirements and applications.


Configurable Power Supplies
DC-DC Converters
LED Power Supplies
Linear Power Supplies
Pre-Regulator Modules
Programmable PSUs
Switch-Mode Power Supplies


GAIA Converter
GAIA Converter
Green Watt Power
Green Watt Power
PEAK Electronics
PEAK Electronics

New Products:

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GAIA Converter 155W DC:DC Converters

TDK Lambda Low Output Voltage Models extend reach of GWS500 Series

TDK-Lambda Vega Modular Power Supplies

TDK Lambda 800W models added to Z+ Series of Programmable Power Supplies

Calex 150W HCM Series of single output DC/DC Converters

Calex 150 W Chassis-mount DC-DC Converter

TDK-Lambda extends its Z+ Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies


Medically Certified Low Power DC-DC Converters

Calex WDE-series DC-DC with digital interface

Calex EFIL-100-10 Filter Module

Contech 50-Watt Quarter Brick Railway DC/DC Converter

TDK Lambda 250W Convection Cooled Power Supply

TDK-Lambda HWS-A series of AC-DC Power Supplies


TDK - Lambda Z+ High Voltage Series of Programmable Power Supplies

Calex Dual Output Linear Power Supply

TDK-Lambda CN-A DC-DC Converter

Calex High Efficiency, Ultra wide input, 250w quarter brick DC-DC Converter

TDK-Lambda 200W module added to the CN-A series

TDK-Lambda NV175 Power Supplies

Calex Low Cost Strain Gage to PLC Converter

GAIA 6W, 12:1 input voltage range DC-DC converter

ConTech 4 Watt PCB Mount Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supply

TDK Lambda augments its HFE1600 range of front end power supplies with 32V model

TDK-Lambda SMT 3A to 20A DC-DC Converters

Calex Load Cell Signal Conditioner

TDK-Lambda exhibits next-generation medical AC-DC Power Supplies at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2013

ConTech 10 Watt, High Isolation DC/DC Converter

TDK-Lambda DRB series DIN-rail Power Supplies

GAIA 20W, Ultra Wide input voltage range DC-DC converter

Calex 75 W Chassis-Mount DC-DC Converter

Calex DC/DC For Electric Vehicle Applications

TDK-Lambda GWS PSU goes green

Contech 20-Watt 1

TDK Lambda introduces the ZWS-BP 150-240W single output Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda 800W model added to Z+ High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies

Contech 3 Watt, High Isolation DC/DC Converter with 4:1 Input

GAIA 20W, 12:1 input voltage range DC-DC converter

Calex 1000 Watt Full Brick With Ultra Wide Input Range

TDK Lambda Encapsulated Medical Power Supplies Have Class II Input

ConTech 25-Watt 1

TDK- Lambda High Voltage models added to Genesys

Calex Model 2.15.350 Power Suplies

Calex 48V and 53V models added to Calex' 1KW full Brick FXW Series

Contech RQS 75 Watt Quarter Brick Series

Calex 22-100 Linear Power Supply

Phoenix Broad Range of Single- and Three-phase EMC Filters ? R Series

TDK-Lambda Low voltage models added to ZWS300BAF series

Calex 15 Watt DC DC Converters

ConTech CM50 Power Supplies

Calex Low Profile 3W DC DC Converter

TDK Lambda Industrial Programmable Power Supply

ConTech TML Series of DC/DC converters

Calex Model 1.5.500 Power Supply

TDK-Lambda 500W Baseplate-Cooled Power Supplies

TDK Lambda Z+ Programmable Power Supplies

Calex Wide Input Range 400 Watt DC DC Converter - FBW Series

TDK-Lambda 2.5 kW Server Power Supply

GenesysTM 3U 15kW Programmable Power Supply Series

GAIA 40W, Ultra Wide input voltage range DC-DC converter

TDK Lambda 100W to 600W RWS-B Series of AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda NV350 modular Power Supplies

TDK Lambda High Voltage models added to Genesys 3U 10kW and 15kW Programmable Power Supply Series

TDK Lambda High density medium-power DIN Rail Supplies

DC-DC converters deliver 30W in a 1 x 1 inch footprint

ConTech 240 Watt DIN Mount Switching AC/DC Power Supply

TDK-Lambda RWS-B and LS Series warranties extended

TDK-Lambda 1.6kW 1U Front End Power Supplies

Calex Ultra Wide 8:1 SMD DC-DC Converters

Contech 25-Watt 1

TDK Lambda Compact 12A POL DC-DC converters

TDK Lambda Z+ Series of Programmable Power Supplies includes 600W models

TDK-Lambda Alpha 1000 Modular Power Supplies

TDK Lambda Power Supplies Benefit From Complementary EMC Filters

ConTech QMJ Series of DC/DC Converters

Contech DPL Series DC-DC Converters

ConTech 25 Watt Chassis Mount Switching AC/DC Power Supply

Calex 75 W Triple Output DC-DC Converters

Calex 30 Watt MH and MHW series of DC DC Converters.

TDK-Lambda ZWS-B PCB-type AC-DC Power Supplies

Contech 3-Watt SIP DC/DC Converter with a 4:1 Input and Remote On/Off

Calex Ultra-Wide Input Range 1000W DC/DC Converter With 12 Volt Output, FXM series

TDK Lambda 300W model augments ZWS-BAF series of AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda Z+ Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

Calex Model 3.15.5-115, Low Noise Linear Power Supply

TDK Lambda High Efficiency AC-DC Full-Brick Power Modules

Calex 400 W Chassis Mount DC-DC Converter

TDK-Lambda EFE300M Digital Power Supplies

Calex 500 Watt and 360 Watt 1/2 Bricks with Extended Operating Temperature Option

Calex Surface Mount DC-DC Converters

Calex 200 Watt Half Brick with Load Sharing - GX Series

Green Watt Powe - EVD-450 Series of DC/DC converters

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TRM 3-Way power divider DMU310X

MEAS Triaxial Accelerometer for Motorsports

MEAS Rate and Inertial Sensors - 633 Rate Sensor
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